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Tube Skids

IMDG Tube Skids

This is specially designed for transportation of dangerous gas in both ocean and land area.
There is a strict regulation for ocean transportation of dangerous gas by MEGC(Multiple Element Gas Container) reled by IMDG(International Maritime Dangerous Goods).
ENK has type approval of global inspection classes for MEGC and provied MEGC with certificate in compliance CSC, TIR, UIC, ADR, RID, IMDG, TPED, SELO, KGS, DOT, ISO, KHK.
The dangerous gases such as SiH4(Silane), NF3(Nitrogen Trifluoride), SF6(Sulphur Hexafluoride), NH3(Ammonia), N2O(Nitrous Oxide), and etc must be filled into a certified MEGC of IMDG for Transportation. For high purity gases such as SiH4, NF3, ENK provides intrenal Polished tube to a grade of 3S, 25S etc depending on the customer's requirements and keeps the moisture level than 1ppm or 3ppm by heated vacuum process so that the gas quality can be maintained in high purity

Skid Length Item Tube Q'ty
& Length
Working Pressure
Total Water Capacity
Total Gas Capacity
20' TT08-1045 SiH4 8/5,335mm 200 8,360 1,617
TT12-1045 NF3 12/5,335mm 200 12,540 2,426
TT08-1100 SiH4 8/5,490mm 166 8,800 1,439
TT12-1100 SiH4 12/5,490mm 166 13,200 2,159
40' / Lighter TT08-2240CNG 9/10,980mm 200 20,250 3,918
TT08-2420CNG 8/10,980mm 166 18,480 3,022
TT08-2420CNG 5/10,870mm 166 11,650 1,905
TT08-2420CNG 8/10,870mm 166 18,640 3,048
TT08-2420CNG 6/10,870mm 166 13,980 2,286