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Sludge Reduction

Ozonizing cooling towers’ circulating water of typical buildings, hospitals and businesses cuts operating expenses by reducing adverse effects, such as efficiency fall and decrepit acceleration of heat exchangers and water feed & drain pipes due to corrosion, scale, slime and microorganisms, and complete sterilization of pathogenic organism, such as legionella and pseudomonas, keeps us safe from diseases.


  • Able to install in existing treatment facilities and minimize required area
  • Reduce costs including equipment cost and maintenance cost compared to existing technology
  • Able to reduce surplus sludge 100%
  • Contact efficiency of high ozone, and able to achieve “0” ozone waste generation
  • Low O3 consumption : 0.03kgO3/kgMLSS (domestic and overseas competitors 0.1~0.3kgO3/kgMLSS)
  • No need for defoaming equipment
  • Cut over 5% operating and maintenance costs
  • Applicable to high concentrated MLSS(Max. 15,000 mg/L)
  • Mechanically simple structure of ozone contact tank

Sludge solubilization using ozone


Reduction Rate Comparison to Other Technology

nternal sludge reduction of treatment process External sludge reduction of treatment process
Treatment Method Surplus sludge reduction rate(%) Treatment Method Surplus sludge reduction rate(%)
Ozone Trap 85~100 Thermal Hydrolysis(A) 40~50
Ozone(company D and K) 70~80 Thermal Hydrolysis(B) 45~50
Biological Process 40~50 Ultrasonic 55
Machine+Biological Process 70~80 Chemical+Machine Process 60