Green Promise for the People



Ozone Sterilization


What is ozone(O3)?

  • Ozone, which plays an important role in survival of living organism by absorbing the sun’s ultraviolet rays, has strong oxidizing power by combining one oxygen molecule (O2) and one atomic oxygen (O).
  • Dissolved ozone underwater reacts to chlorine and protein (bacteriomycota) the fastest and separates, and then it reduces to oxygen.

Characteristics of Ozone(O3)

  • Natural germicide made of oxygen not chemicals.
  • O3’s germicidal power and speed on virus are 25 times and 3,000 times higher, respectively, compared to chlorine, and O3 sterilizes at high speed at room temperature.
  • No secondary pollutant when reducing to oxygen after separating at low speed at room temperature.


Fish markets, food processing plants and marts

  • Product sterilization (vibrio, salmonella, etc.), maintaining freshness of products, deodorization and decreasing within fish markets and food plants

Food service and large service facilities

  • Sterilization of food poisoning bacteria and harmful bacteria, improving safety and customer confidence by sanitation inspection, and maintaining freshness of food items

Public facilities and hospitals & clinics

  • Preventing secondary infection within hospitals and epidemic food poisoning, gerocomia and cleanliness, individual hygiene within facilities, and hygiene and safety of children

Crop cultivation and stockbreeding

  • Preventing disease and insect including anthracnose and forcing. Deodorizing fishy smell and maintaining freshness of seafood. Preventing death en masse due to bacterial infection

Multi-purpose facilities

  • Improving skin texture and water quality, deodorization, removing contagious germs and virus, and preventing waterborne epidemic

Common households and restaurants

  • Removing pesticide residue on fruits·vegetables, deodorization of sink·drain(restroom), laundry, baby bottle sterilization, cleaning, and improving atopy and housewives hand dermatitis