Green Promise for the People



Ozone Water Treatment

Waste water Treatment

  • Oxidation decomposing of organic matter(BOD, COD)
    -Waste water from food processing, marine product processing, leather processing and pharmaceutical companies
  • Removal of phenol and cyanide(CN)
  • Dyes and dyeing wastewater treatment
    -Decolorization of dyeing wastewater and reduction of BOD and COD

Water Treatment

  • Sterilization
    - Do not generate carcinogens such as THM, which can be generated during chlorination.
    - No secondary contamination due to overdosage
    - Improve water quality by increasing dissolved oxygen(DO) in water.
    - Sterilize virus and general bacteria in short period of time
  • Removal of iron(Fe) and manganese(Mn)
    - Oxidation and insolubilization with ozone -> Filtration
  • Removal of taste and smell