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Tube Skids

CNG Tube Skids (Compressed Natural Gas)

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) movable vessels are most useful for transporting large volumes of natural gas to areas where there is no infrastructure of natural gas supply or it is difficult to establish one, and it is indispensable in areas where construction of fixed type charging stations for natural gas is difficult. The vessels can be stored up to high pressure of 250bar, and after the vessels are combined into one module by multiple of ultra large vessels, large quantity of gas can be stored and transported. In particular, they are in very efficient to take the place of long distance gas pipelines in large countreies like The Middle East, China, India, and Russia, and the demand for them is gradually increasing. The metheod of combining and modularizion the vessels for optimum usage are in constant devolopment with new models, being produced. As the demand for natural gas is constantly increasing in each country of the world for alternative energy, the role of ENK for movable natural gas charging vehicle will be further expanded.

Skid Length Item Tube Q'ty
& Length
Working Pressure
Total Water Capacity
Total Gas Capacity
20' TT08-1045CNG 8/5,335mm 250 8,360 2,486
TT08-1045CNG 12/5,335mm 250 12,540 3,729
32' TT08-1795CNG 11/8,845mm 250 19,745 5,528
40' TT08-2240CNG 8/10,980mm 250 17,920 5,330
TT08-2240CNG 11/10,980mm 250 24,640 7,362
40' / Lighter TT08-2420CNG 8/11,610mm 250 19,360 5,760
TT08-2420CNG 10/11,610mm 250 24,200 7,200
TT08-2420CNG 11/11,610mm 250 26,620 7,200
TT08-2420CNG 12/11,610mm 250 29,040 8,640