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Mobile Station

Cylinder DivisionMobile Station

You cal fill CNG into a car from the tube trailer at any place if you have mobile station which gas pipe line and electricity are not necessary.
It is 3(three) bank system in the mobile station and vehicles can be directly refueled from the tube trailer which was filled with 250bar at the mother station.
As pressure drop during fillng, compressor recovers the pressure of the high bank cylinders. so, mobile station makes possible very efficient and quickly filling.

  • 1 3 Bank Storage System
  • 2 Priority Panel & Dispenser
  • 3 Compressor
Tube Skid 200bar Type2 Cylinder(1,025L)x12Cyl.3 Bank System
: High(2Cyl),Medium(3Cyl),Low(7Cyl)
Total Gas Capacity 258m3 x 12 bottle = 3,096m³ Skid 17,242
Compressor CNG Gas Engine + Mechanical Compressor(32kw) CNG Gas 2,633
Flow Rate Average.600m3/h Compressor Module 3,500
Gas Engine Consumption 11m3/hr,57m3/1 tube trailer Chassis 5,410
Discharging Amount 3,096m3X0.9=2,786m3(Efficiency:90%) Trailer Head 8,500
Discharging Time 5 Min/Passenger Vehicle Total 37,285
Discharging Capacity CNG Vehicle(60L, 15m3),185 Cars

Skid Length Item Tube Q'ty
& Length
Working Pressure
Total Water Capacity
Total Gas Capacity
32' TT12-1025/3-620 CNG2 12/9,000mm 200 14,160 3,575