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Tube Skids

Industrial Gas Tube Skids

With same construction of ISO containerized skid, ENK provides various industrial Gas Tube Trailers such as He(Helium), H2(Hydrogen), Ne(Neon), N2(Nitrogen),Ar(Argon) including CNG etc.
The working pressure is set to national requirements or customer's demands as 166bar, 200bar, 250bar. The color of jumbo tube and skid frame is followed to ISO color code, or designation of the customer.

Skid Length Item Tube Q'ty
& Length
Working Pressure
Total Water Capacity
Total Gas Capacity
20' TT08-1045 8/5,335mm 200 8,360 1,472
TT12-1045 12/5,335mm 200 12,540 2,208
32' TT11-1610 11/8,032mm 200 17,710 3,122
TT10-1795 10/8,845mm 200 17,950 3,164
40' TT08-2250 8/10,980mm 200 18,000 3,173
TT11-2250 11/10,980mm 200 24,750 4,363
TT12-2455 12/11,610mm 200 29,460 5,336(He/m³)