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Cooling Tower Water Treatment


Ozonizing cooling towers’ circulating water of typical buildings, hospitals and businesses cuts operating expenses by reducing adverse effects, such as efficiency fall and decrepit acceleration of heat exchangers and water feed & drain pipes due to corrosion, scale, slime and microorganisms, and complete sterilization of pathogenic organism, such as legionella and pseudomonas, keeps us safe from diseases.


  • Sterilization effect (25 times of chlorine) – free of legionella disease
  • Improving water quality due to oxidation of all sorts of organisms (BOD, COD)
  • Minimizing discharge(Blow-down) volume – cut water and sewerage charges
  • Corrosion inhibition (reduce more than 50%) – cut anticorrosive agent expenses
  • Removing scale – cut anti-scale agent expenses
  • Removing bio-mass – increase cooling efficiency and reduce compressor power cost
  • cut more than 5% of operating and maintenance expenses